What Makes Strategy Games Exciting?

We all like to play games and entertain ourselves, but we have different tastes and with that, various genres are more interesting or less interesting to us. That being said, some genres are always interesting, particularly if you have patience.

Strategy games are really fun, at least to some people. They are played professionally and some have a cult following and despite being over twenty years old, they still get support and mods that keep them alive. In fact, a community of avid players is what keeps the games alive.

But, why are strategy games so interesting? Let us take a closer look at what makes them so great.

A Battle of Thoughts

Shooter games are typically won by the players with the best reflexes, as well as those who can strategize better, but mostly reflexes. Turn-based strategy games, for example, are won by those who can plan miles ahead. Sure, there is some luck involved, as in what you can get and what resources spawn, but tournament templates are often equal enough and you need a good plan to win the game.

Even battling against an AI, you need to know what to do and how to approach it, otherwise, you will end up losing. The one who thinks faster and executes their plan better will win, in the end.

They Can Also Be Very Fast

Strategy games, even turn-based, can be very fast. People who play them professionally know which moves to make in advance and they waste no time on pretty animations. That being said, real-time strategy games are really difficult to play at the highest levels.

The best players not only know how to strategize well but also how to execute the movements, which means micro and macro managing your entire army and base, depending on the game. Some games are great for rushing your opponents, while others culminate in large battles. A war of attrition also helps, choose your game and strategy wisely. 

They Are Colorful and Rich in Lore

Most strategy games have rich lore and are full of stories that can take you places. Whether a war, fantasy or sci-fi strategy game, or a bit of everything combined, you will have amazing things to experience. From historic games which can be really fun to games which will take you into the future, choose your favorite and see how a world can be depicted differently.

Relive classic history battles or dive deeper into a world you have never seen before, either will work just fine

Strategy games are fun for many reasons, whether for requiring planning, mastery of shortcuts and unit management, resource management or for their beautiful graphics and story. Try a strategy game and see for yourself.