Top apps for learning music

Learning to play an instrument or sing like an angel is one of the most rewarding skills you can learn. Most people learn best when being guided by a mentor, then by using the knowledge and skills they have learned that day on their instruments at home. However, for some, this is not practical. This limits the time you can practise music to when you are at home and can often be very expensive to purchase and maintain. Because of this, I recommend various music apps to help you to practise and improve at your instrument of choice, here are some of the top apps to help you do this:

Real Drum

Real drum is a free application available for your Android mobile or tablet. The app displays a real drum set at a Birds Eye view, allowing users to tap the various areas of a drum to replicate the same noise that would be made if they were to hit the same place on a real drum. This app also allows users to record and save themselves playing beats using the app, so that they can readily learn from their own mistakes and show their friends and family how skilled they have become on the drums.

Piano Teacher

Piano Teacher is one of the best music and piano teaching apps available on the market, offering a unique and revolutionary interface, perfect for teaching people how to play piano, and how to play some of their favourite songs. The app features over 128 musical instruments and 50,000 songs, meaning that you will never run out of songs to play and instruments to practise on Piano Teacher. This app provides users with blue lines above chords to tell users which chord to press, when and for how long. Over time, this app is fantastic at teaching budding piano students how to play a piano, which notes make what sounds (pitch) and how to play some truly wonderful pieces using a piano.

Flashnote derby

Flashnote Derby is one of the best apps for helping kids (and adults) learn to memorise and recognise the various musical notes in a fun and manageable format. The app turns the memorising process into a fun game, where users will have to try and remember the various notes when they appear on the screen to beat their high scores. This app is proven to help students stay motivated and on track during their music studies, both at home, and on the go.

Note Trainer (Sight Reading)

Note Trainer offers a new and exciting method for students to begin to remember and understand musical notes, as well as being able to relate them to the keys or strings on various instruments. As you become more advanced in your music, the app begins to increase the speed of the notes appearing and demands that you work harder and faster to recall the notes, all the way up until you have mastered the instrument.