The wonderful life of a graphics designer

The massive increase in popularity of the use of technology in the workplace has led to many new and exciting careers being brought to life. One of these coveted jobs that are now available is a graphics designer. Many people will have heard of this as a career, and some may even want to become one, but are lacking some of the much-needed information to do so. In this article I aim to answer the following questions: What does a graphics designer do? What are their roles in a business? What sort of person do I need to be to become a graphics designer?

What does a graphics designer do?

A graphics designer is also known as a graphics artist, and, they are responsible for conveying information through the medium of art, whatever form that may be. Graphics designers will be those who create and design the promotional material for various products and services, with the intention of increasing exposure for that product or service, and hence sales. Very often a company will not have a graphics designer job role, but the requirements of the job will instead be carried out by an employee with a different job title, that may include additional other roles and responsibilities.

Graphics designer is an incredibly versatile job role, allowing artists the opportunity to work with a wide range of different medium and art styles. It is the job of the graphics designer to use the information captured from market and customer research to decide on the style and general tone of the material they produce.

What are their roles in a business?

Graphics designer is usually one of many roles that a job of a different title may have. However, the main role in a business of a graphics designer is to promote the products and services of that business. They must use their knowledge of art styles and advertising to capture and prompt the potential customer base to want to buy the company’s product. The graphics designer will have to remain in frequent communication with their manager(s) and any potential clients to ensure that the product is relevant to the product they are trying to sell. In most businesses, the graphics designer would be a member of the advertising department and would be expected to work in cooperation with other members, such as copywriters, to produce media that will engage their employer’s product effectively.

What sort of person do I need to be to become a graphics designer?

The most important characteristic of any graphics designer is a genuine passion for creating. In this role, you would be spending thousands of hours creating and designing various pieces of media, so you must have a passion for this to be able to do this, day-in, day-out.

Another key characteristic is being a logical thinker. Unlike many other artistic careers, graphics designers need to be able to apply logical reasoning and thought processes to ensure that media produced matches the needs and requirements of the client/manager(s) effectively.

Finally, a good graphics designer should have excellent vocal and written communication skills, as well as being a fantastic member of a team. This is essential to the success of any project you may be working on, as you will have to work with a large group of different people as part of this career.


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