The different types of digital art

In recent years, traditional methods of art, painting, drawing and other media, have been replaced by digital art. Digital art is when artists use a graphics tablet (or another electronic device) to create their art. The increasing popularity of digital art is mostly down to the massive list of benefits of this medium over past methods, one of which is the way in which it allows artists to produce art in a wide variety of different types and styles so freely. Some of the different types of digital art that are currently popular with artists include:


Manga is an art style which originated in Japan, with very similar appearances to cartoons. Many manga characters feature large eyes and a youthful appearance. Although this art style has existed for many years, it is extremely popular with digital artists because of how manga has since been adapted. Anime is an animated form of the manga art style, making digital art the ideal method for creating art in the manga style, because of how easy this art can then be transformed into animations.


Cartoon is a style very similar to anime and manga, often featuring exaggerated features and simplified designs. While manga has very style-specific features and characteristics, cartoons are much more varied. Some cartoon characters may feature unusually shaped heads, whereas others may large facial and bodily features. Artists, especially digital artists, will adapt their own style for their cartoons, as a way of putting their own identity into their art.


Realism is a type of digital art which is as it sounds. Realism focuses on real-life and attempts to closely capture people and scenes in the real world as accurately as possible. Digital artists enjoy creating art in this style because of the leniency that creating using this medium allows. To successfully create art in this style, you must pay attention to detail and spend hours changing and perfecting every aspect. Digital art allows artists to change and alter their art as much as they please, with very little chance of ruining or wasting the progress they have made up to that point.


Semi-realism features many aspects of realism, whilst also incorporating other features of styles such as cartoons. Semi-realism art will attempt to capture the likeness of the subject of the art, whilst also exaggerating or changing certain features to add new angles or levels to the art. The digital art medium allows artists to quickly and easily make alterations and changes to a piece of realist art, making semi-realism a very popular art style with digital artists.