Four Games to Increase Your Brainpower

Whether you want to improve your work performance and be more focused, do a whole lot better at school, or simply stay sharp, the reasons for wanting to boost your memory and increase your brainpower are numerous. Nowadays, there are plenty of games and apps for training your brain, which claim that your cognitive skills can be significantly improved if you play them no more than 10 minutes a day. Here are those with the best reviews.

  •       Lumosity

There are more than 85 million active users playing Lumosity in 2018. This game, developed by Lumos Labs, offers more than 50 scientific and cognitive games based on neuropsychological tasks, all aiming to stimulate your brain and improve your working memory. When you sign up, you can set your training goals and the areas you want to focus on – problem-solving, flexibility, speed, attention or memory. When it comes to memory games, these are the ones that you will undoubtedly enjoy: Memory Matrix, Memory Match, Pinball Recall, and Tidal Treasures.

  •       Peak – Brain Training

Peak offers many games intended to improve your brainpower and help you work on your mental agility, memory, attention, language, problem-solving, etc. You can access half of the games on the free app, and for the other half, you need to pay a subscription. The game also offers insights into your average scores so you can keep track of the improvement you are making. If you decide to become a pro user, not only will you get access to those exclusive games and the ability to personalize your workout, but also be able to enjoy calming activities designed to help you relax your mind. Here are a few memory games we recommend: Partial Match, Baggage Claim, Memory Sweep, Apprentice Wizard and Perilous Path.

  •       CogniFit Brain Test & Training

This brain training app has games aimed to test more than 20 of your cognitive skills, such as concentration, memory, attention, reasoning, mental agility, and planning. Games include puzzles, memory games, brain challenges, educational games, etc. The developers behind this game claim that both healthy individuals and those suffering some kind of cognitive impairment (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Brain Injuries) can benefit from this game because it stimulates the cerebral function. There are also memory and educational and learning games designed specifically for children.

  •       Eidetic

The name says it all – someone who has an eidetic memory is able to recall images from memory in incredible detail. This game makes use of a learning technique called spaced repetition, which is basically testing whether you have remembered something over periods of time getting longer and longer. This technique can help you memorize anything through repetition – words, dates, facts, quotes, phone numbers, etc.