Great apps for movie lovers

From finding Online Lottery Promo Code to buying our groceries online, there is almost nothing we cannot do on our phones. Especially since there is an app for anything nowadays and the number of available apps keeps growing. If you’re a fan of movies, we have some good news for you: there’s an app for

Best podcasts right now

Welcome to the world of podcasts, a magical place where you can listen to fascinating stories about the world around us. For example: If you’re ever in San Francisco and feel like going on a journey through time and space, just download The Dream from Radiotopia and get ready for a wild ride. The Dream

The Art of Product Placement

Product placement in TV shows and movies has been around for quite some time. The first cited example goes back to 1955 and Rebel Without Cause, with James Dean using an ACE comb. In the modern environment when skipping through the commercials is pretty commonplace, and they are more and more ignored, product placement has