The different types of digital art

In recent years, traditional methods of art, painting, drawing and other media, have been replaced by digital art. Digital art is when artists use a graphics tablet (or another electronic device) to create their art. The increasing popularity of digital art is mostly down to the massive list of benefits of this medium over past

5 ways you can become inspired for art

Art is often considered one of the most beautiful ways of expressing yourself, with artists often taking inspiration from their surroundings and their own lives. However, every now and then, you find yourself lacking the inspiration needed to start your next masterpiece and this can unfortunately be the end of many artists’ careers. Luckily for

Tips for Making a Good Art Website

In the age of minimalism, it is not hard to define the foundations of a potentially successful website. To make this clear, we are referring to design and are not talking about marketing and promotions to attract customers. Aside from the content itself, a modern art website should be of a simple yet elegant design,

Four Tips on How to Make It in the Art Industry

Establishing yourself as an artist in the cut-throat industry that accompanies it is somewhat tricky. Here are a few tips if you want to stay ahead, make progress to senior positions or change to other market sections.     Do your research Whether you are interested in working with old paintings or contemporary pieces, you have to