Great apps for movie lovers

From finding Online Lottery Promo Code to buying our groceries online, there is almost nothing we cannot do on our phones. Especially since there is an app for anything nowadays and the number of available apps keeps growing. If you’re a fan of movies, we have some good news for you: there’s an app for

Best podcasts right now

Welcome to the world of podcasts, a magical place where you can listen to fascinating stories about the world around us. For example: If you’re ever in San Francisco and feel like going on a journey through time and space, just download The Dream from Radiotopia and get ready for a wild ride. The Dream

What Makes Strategy Games Exciting?

We all like to play games and entertain ourselves, but we have different tastes and with that, various genres are more interesting or less interesting to us. That being said, some genres are always interesting, particularly if you have patience. Strategy games are really fun, at least to some people. They are played professionally and

Tips for Making a Good Art Website

In the age of minimalism, it is not hard to define the foundations of a potentially successful website. To make this clear, we are referring to design and are not talking about marketing and promotions to attract customers. Aside from the content itself, a modern art website should be of a simple yet elegant design,

The Future of Podcasting

Podcasting, first called “audio blogging,” wasn’t initially created to be profitable. Virtually anyone can hold a podcast – all you need is your voice, a microphone, a PC and a distributor (SoundCloud, iTunes, etc.). Creating podcast content is relatively inexpensive Many notable podcasters began as listeners, and they learned the secrets of production and quality

How to avoid distractions while making music

Once it reached a certain level, the ever-increasing computing power finally made it possible for virtually anyone to try and make it in the music industry. Today even an average smartphone CPU packs enough transistors to perform calculations on a massive scale, which in turn allows emulations of near-perfect sounding live instruments or complex analog

Four Tips on How to Make It in the Art Industry

Establishing yourself as an artist in the cut-throat industry that accompanies it is somewhat tricky. Here are a few tips if you want to stay ahead, make progress to senior positions or change to other market sections.     Do your research Whether you are interested in working with old paintings or contemporary pieces, you have to