5 ways you can become inspired for art

Art is often considered one of the most beautiful ways of expressing yourself, with artists often taking inspiration from their surroundings and their own lives. However, every now and then, you find yourself lacking the inspiration needed to start your next masterpiece and this can unfortunately be the end of many artists’ careers. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of 5 of the best ways for an artist to be able to inspire and motivate themselves:

Go for a walk

Many artists may spend most of their time inside, trying to create their masterpieces with little to no inspiration, just sitting around and hoping for a miracle. This can lead you to become frustrated, worn out or without hope. Instead of sitting around inside the same room day-in day-out, go outside for a walk when you find that you are lacking the motivation to create. Spend an hour or so, walking around your local area, to the park, to the town centre, or even just down the road. Make sure that you fully take in your surrounding area. The fresh air combined with the change in environment should help to spark your creativity levels and provide you with some new-found inspiration.

Talk to someone new

Many artists work in isolation, rarely finding the opportunity to meet new people and experience new things. One of the best ways to find new inspiration is to see things for a different perspective. The best way I recommend you do this is to speak to new people. Whether you do this on your walk, or go to various events in your local area, it is a fantastic way for you to find new sources of information. For example, you may find individuals with various interesting or exciting physical characteristics, or they may tell you stories of their life that provide you with the necessary motivation.

Start a hobby

Starting a hobby outside of art is a fantastic way for you to meet new people and experience new things. Experiencing things that you haven’t previously will help you to unlock new areas of your mind and take inspiration, allowing you to produce new perspectives and types of art that you couldn’t have otherwise.

Pick something random

One sure fire way to find inspiration for your art is to choose an object, person or scene at random, and simply begin painting. Once you begin painting, you may find that your creative juices begin to flow, and your one simple painting turns into a span of hours of creativity and multiple pieces of fantastic art! The object or person you choose can be anything, as dull or exciting as you like. In fact, I recommend you choose a dull object, allowing your own mind to turn it into something amazing.

Intense exercise

A final method you can use if you are lacking motivation is to head down to the gym and workout- intensely. Personally, I find that most of my creative bursts when I am part of the way through an intense set. So, next time you feel a lack of motivation, or inspiration for your art, try lifting some weights and see how your imagination sparks!